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Singer Francis Lalanne calls on the army to overthrow Macron

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On the France-Soir site, Francis Lalanne published a column, entitled “J’appelle,” in which the singer calls “to overthrow” the head of state Emmanuel Macron, explaining in particular that the government is establishing “tyranny “By” criminalizing “the French in the name of the coronavirus.
However, Francis Lalanne is risking a lot by publishing this column. Indeed, his words are punishable by 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros. Moreover, the site’s publication director, Xavier Azalber, also risks being prosecuted.

Francis Lalanne calls on the army to overthrow Macron

Source: Ladepeche

According to several former employees, the successful singer of the 80s, Francis Lalanne, published a column on the France-Soir site, which has become a landmark of false information and conspiracy theses.

In his column, entitled “J’appelle,” Francis Lalanne, who was committed to the yellow vests, called “to overthrow” President Emmanuel Macron, explaining that the government is establishing “tyranny” by “criminalizing »The French in the name of the coronavirus.

“The Head of State and his government wipe their feet on Republican Law as on a doormat […]. The government is insidiously committing a coup in the name of Covid; and is preparing to institute tyranny as an avatar of the Republic, unbeknownst to the French people, ”he explains.

“The dismissal of the authors of the Coup d’Etat.”

“To do this, I ask the greatest French military officials to proceed, on behalf of the French people, to the dismissal of the authors of the Coup d’Etat. So consequently, to put an end to the exercise of the mandate of the current President of the Republic ”, he added.

Once the army arrests Emmanuel Macron, the singer Francis Lalanne thus asks the soldiers to make him “appear before a tribunal constituted in High court, to answer for the chief of High treason. ”

Call for civil disobedience.

At the end of his platform, the singer goes even further. This time he calls for civil disobedience. “It is now up to us French citizens to assert what is right by putting an end to the disturbance. We are the people “.

And to continue: “We are sovereign […]. Disobedience then becomes a right but also a civic and civic duty “, explains Francis Lalanne, whose priority today is” the reopening of all cultural and commercial spaces . And other theaters or businesses hit by discriminatory and liberticidal measures ”.

Francis Lalanne justifies himself after calling on the army to overthrow Macron.

Unsurprisingly, Francis Lalanne has created a real controversy. Thus, to justify himself, the singer responded to the invitation of Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à mon poste. A television passage ended in an altercation with doctor Jimmy Mohamed.

And for a good reason! Francis Lalanne affirmed, “I know that the Prime Minister says there is no early treatment, which is wrong. I know today that the Prime Minister says that apart from vaccines, there is no other solution. I know there are a lot of people who absolutely want to believe this. I say that you shouldn’t believe that. I have said everything I have to say now you will do what you want ”.

Jimmy Mohamed tackles Francis Lalanne.

Exasperated by such remarks, the doctor, who also writes a column in the morning of Europe 1, tackled him: “Put on your mask in the corridors instead of walking without. That is early treatment ”. “The mask is an incubator of microbes, “answers the singer before joining the wings—a scene which, moreover, will be repeated several times during the evening.

Therefore, Jimmy Mohamed will take advantage of his umpteenth return to the stage to tell him that his word is “confused.” But also that it is “paranoia.” What will annoy Francis Lalanne again? “I am not paranoid. I am not a doctor. I am a simple citizen. And I tell you that early treatments exist, ”says the singer.

What risks Francis Lalanne with his call to overthrow Macron?

Source: midilibre

However, by publishing his platform to overthrow Macron, Francis Lalanne risks big. As recalled by many Internet users on Twitter, the singer’s writings may be liable to prosecution under Article 413-3 of the Penal Code.

Indeed, “the fact, to harm national defense, to provoke disobedience by any means whatsoever of the military or subjugated persons assigned to any form of national service is punished by five years of imprisonment and 75,000 euros fine ”, we can read.

The prosecution could target the editor.

Also, “when the provocation is committed through the written or audiovisual press, the specific provisions of the laws governing these matters are applicable as regards the determination of the persons responsible.” Consequently, the Paris prosecutor’s office could seize itself and launch proceedings against Francis Lalanne and the site’s publication director, Xavier Albert.

Now, the controversy continues to swell on social networks. Several Internet users are even flabbergasted by the singer’s attitude on the TPMP set. At the same time, others do not hesitate to criticize Francis Lalanne’s words in the forum where he asks the army to overthrow Macron.

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