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Indonesia … the flogging of two gay men

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Two gay men were flogged 77 times in Indonesia by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice for violating Islamic law.

Dozens witnessed the two men, between the ages of 27 and 29, flogged, agonizing, and begging for mercy, while a team of five people took turns carrying out the sentence while wearing headscarves.

Acting head of Sharia police in Aceh, Hiro Triojanarko, said the two men were arrested last November after residents suspected their wire and broke into their rented room where they were caught having sex.

Each man received 77 lashes, three times less than the original sentence because they had already served three months in prison.


Four others were subjected to between 17 and 40 lashes on the same day, either for drinking alcohol or meeting members of the opposite sex.

A woman was also beaten with a stick 17 times for having met her friend.

“The application of Islamic law is final, regardless of identity, and even visitors must respect local customs,” said Hero Triojanarko, public order official.

He added, “We suspect that there are several sites for the practice of homosexuality in the region, and it is difficult to uncover them. Therefore, we call on residents to report any suspicions they have of anyone violating Sharia law.”

Source: “Daily Mail”

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