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The most unusual and incredible restaurants in the world

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Restaurants where robots and monkeys provide the service; restaurants where you are immersed in total darkness …

In this article, we’ll cover restaurants that you never dreamed of! Ready to take the tour? Hang in there: here are the ten most amazing restaurants everyone would want to go to!

Restroom restaurant, Taiwan

Source: atlasobscura

There is a chain of restaurants across Asia whose theme transcends all the grotesque and comical boundaries. The franchise’s main restaurant is in Taiwan, and the franchise has a pleasantly suggestive name: Modern Toilet.

These restaurants have the particularity of being designed according to the decorative theme of a bathroom. One would have thought that such a crazy idea would fail resoundingly, but it is far from it.

Eat-in a too unique atmosphere

If the restaurant layout, furniture, and decor faithfully represent everything that makes up the bathroom, on the other hand, everything is spotless.

To enjoy a dish in this unique place globally, you have to sit on acrylic bowl seats. And you’ll be in front of a sink topped with a glass top, which doubles as a table.

While waiting for your meal, you can admire for a long time, for example, the shower heads that adorn the walls! Or the lights in the form of excrement hanging from the ceiling. After which, your dish is brought to you in a charming ceramic bowl, and your drink in a beautiful urinal.

Note that the food in these unusual restaurants does not contain any scatological ingredients. And how delicious it is, according to the testimonials! Would you like to try this experience one day?

The Opaque Restaurant, United States

All restaurants have their style of lighting. A technique that significantly contributes to the atmosphere of the place and sometimes gives it its specific character. But the restaurant we are going to talk about is a striking exception in this regard!

If you like weird and fancy experiences, ones that are closer to dream than reality, then the Opaque chain restaurants in the United States should be right for you.

And for a good reason: the people who go there come to taste the dishes in total darkness. This restaurant’s regulars justify this taste by saying that the night makes their taste sensations more affluent and refined!

You have to follow specific rules.

For example, guests are asked to leave their phones at the entrance and any other lighted object if they have any. As for the waiters, they use night vision equipment to serve customers without inconvenience.

In other similar establishments, waiters tie a black ribbon around the eyes. And their function is just as well fulfilled. Indeed, the absence of light does not prevent staff from satisfying all arrivals as they should.

Finally, this original concept has worked so well that many such restaurants in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, and even Russia. Indeed, a similar restaurant, called In the dark, opened in Moscow a few years ago. And its main difference is that the servers are blind!

An unusual restaurant in Japan with a waiter who is a monkey

Fuku-Chan is 21 years old and has worked for many years as a waitress in a Japanese restaurant: Kayabukija Tavern. So far, nothing strange, but what if Fuku-Chan was actually… a monkey?

This restaurant-bar, run by Kaoru Otsuka, has delegated customer service to macaques for over thirty years. And contrary to what you might think, the monkeys aren’t doing badly at all.

The little animal can do everything.

Indeed, they have long learned all the cogs of the trade. Although they can be clumsy at times, spilling bowls, for example, they know how to serve beer, carry a tray of plates, hand out the bill, and give change! Real little chefs!

Ninja Akasaka restaurant in Tokyo

Source: japankuru

The city of Tokyo is full of quirky restaurants offering unique and colorful culinary adventures. Ninja Akasaka Restaurant, designed around the theme of ninjas, is one of those numbers.

Everything is arranged to give the illusion of having a meal deep in a secret cave, lost in a ninja village, in the Edo period, five centuries ago.

The ponds, waterfalls, dim lighting, semi-private dining areas faithfully reproduce the deep, reclusive and mysterious living atmosphere of ninjas.

You will also enjoy magic tricks.

Upon arrival, a ninja guide will escort you to your table. Therefore, a fence will protect the latter after helping you navigate a path that is said to be dangerous and sprinkled with various traps.

But then you will have the pleasure of tasting exquisite dishes and enjoying unparalleled service! Indeed, you will be served by skillful, stealthy, and discreet ninjas. Plus, if you want to be entertained, a ninja can even perform magic tricks in front of you!

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