Insulting the Godhead puts Buffon under penalty of judgment


Gianluigi Buffon, the Italian Juventus goalkeeper, is in a legal crisis after being recently involved in insulting God during a match.

The incident dates back to the Parma match against Juventus on 19 December in the Italian league, which caused Buffon to deviate from the text.

According to the Italian news agency, the veteran Italian goalkeeper was referred to the public prosecutor due to insulting the divine self during his conversation with his colleague Manolo Portanova.

For its part, the Italian Federation confirmed an audio recording that will help clarify the true picture of the incident by listening to the person concerned.

In Italy, the transgression of the divine right is not permitted since 2010, which witnessed the beginning of the crackdown on transgressors, whether from players or coaches.

Buffon had already apologized for the transgression, although he initially denied that he had done so.

Last week, Brian Cristante, the Roma player, was suspended for similar behavior during the 11th round of the Italian League match against Bologna.

In 2018, Udinese player Rolando Mandragora was suspended for words insulting to the monotheistic religions.

It is noteworthy that Juventus ranks fifth in the Italian league table with 36 points, 7 points behind leaders Milan after 19 rounds of the competition, with a postponed match remaining for the old lady against Napoli.

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