Humans transmit the infection … shock after the first tiger is infected with the virus


In a surprise, the first of its kind, an animal sanctuary announced that an elderly female tiger named Sabrina had been infected with the emerging coronavirus.

The female tiger “Sabrina,” a 21-year-old Bengal tiger, suffered from breathing difficulties earlier this month, prompting staff at the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, to take a corona test.

She tested positive for the virus and made a full recovery after being cared for by the sanctuary staff, and symptoms appeared on the other big cats that live in it, including lions, tigers, and cougars; the staff did not do the Coronavirus tests for those animals, because they are younger and less risky of developing serious symptoms.

All those other animals have since recovered, and it is unclear how the Corona virus-infected Sabrina. However, scientists say that people infected with the virus can transmit it to animals.

They advised anyone suffering from Corona-like symptoms to try to socially distance themselves from their pets to avoid transmitting the virus.

Cats, pet dogs, and even gorillas are known to have recorded infections with the virus, which appears to be less deadly to animals than humans.

According to figures released by Johns Hopkins University, the United States has recorded more than 25.5 million coronavirus infections and more than 422,500 deaths.

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