American Senate appoints Antony Blinken as Secretary of State


The US Senate approved the confirmation of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken after seventy-eight members voted in favor of this nomination in exchange for opposition from twenty-two.

Confirming Blinken’s appointment, which won broad support from the Republican and Democratic parties, Richard Schmoyer, the former US ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, commented during his interview with Sky News Arabia by saying that Belinken would be a wonderful foreign minister, indicating his commitment to diplomacy, teamwork and his full confidence of US President Joe Biden…

Schmeier also clarified that Blinken’s extensive diplomatic work experience through his previous work at the National Security Council and the State Department gave him access to a great deal of Middle Eastern affairs, stressing that he is aware of how to deal with problematic behaviors related to Iran in particular.

The new US Secretary of State received his primary and secondary education in the French capital, Paris, and returned to the United States to complete his university studies at Harvard and his studies of law at Columbia University in New York City.

Blinken served as a former deputy national security advisor from the year two thousand thirteen to the year two thousand and fifteen, and was a former deputy to the foreign minister from the year two thousand and fifteen to two thousand and seventeen, in addition to that, his work for fifteen years as an assistant in the Relations Affairs Committee Foreign Affairs is next to President Joe Biden at the time.

As for the expert on US foreign policy, Blaise Metal, he assured Sky News Arabia that the most important experience that Blinken possesses is that which he acquired during his work alongside President Biden, whether during the Obama presidency or in the Senate, considering that he would be a reliable partner.

As for the remarkable support that Blinken enjoyed from Republican members, it came after his answers to questions related to two susceptible files, the first concerning Iran, where Bellinken stressed that President Biden’s administration would not allow Tehran to possess a nuclear weapon.

As for the second file, it was China, as Blinken said during the previous hearing that the current administration would deal with Beijing from a position of strength and not from a position of weakness.

Blinken is a figure who combines extensive experience and closeness to the current president, Joe Biden, in addition to the great support of the Democratic and Republican parties, which was evident in the outcome of the vote confirming his appointment.

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