A doctor from Wuhan reveals the cause of the spread of Corona


A doctor working in a hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, exploded a surprise about the cause of the virus’s initial spread, supporting the accusations directed against China regarding its attempts to cover up the epidemic in the beginning.

A Wuhan doctor says that he and his colleagues suspected that the new Coronavirus was transmissible quickly and on a large scale in early January of last year, that is, weeks before the Chinese authorities recognized the existence of the epidemic, but they were “prevented from warning anyone.”

The Chinese doctor, who refused to reveal his identity, provided that testimony during a new BBC documentary that talks about the 54 days that passed between discovering the first case of Coronavirus and Wuhan’s closure.

The British newspaper, “The Guardian,” stated that this testimony from a Wuhan doctor supports mounting evidence regarding China’s attempts to cover up the Coronavirus outbreak and intimidate health workers into forcing them to remain silent.

The doctor works at Wuhan Central Hospital, near Wuhan Market, the famous place where “Covid-19” first broke out in December 2019, and the hospital quickly became filled with Corona patients.

According to the newspaper, more than 200 employees of Wuhan Hospital were infected with the Coronavirus. Many of them died, including Doctor Li Wenliang, the first to warn of the epidemic’s outbreak. The police then threatened him to keep silent.

During the documentary, the Chinese doctor narrates the suffering of the hospital’s respiratory department, saying, “The department was full by the tenth of January … at that time things got out of control … and we started to panic.”

He confirmed during his speech that the hospital administration prevented them from talking to anyone and also did not allow them to wear protective masks, and continued, “Everyone was aware that the hospital was spreading a virus that is transmitted between humans. Even a fool knows this… So why should we claim that there is nothing? This made us very confused and angry. ”

The Wuhan doctor indicated that thousands of suspected cases were monitored within a few weeks, but they had no way to confirm the diagnosis or report it inside the hospital. Only 41 cases had been recorded by that time.

Media reports revealed that the Chinese authorities were aware of the possibility of the Coronavirus turning into a fast-spreading pandemic while minimizing the risks in front of the public.

The authorities in Beijing did not warn of transmitting the virus from one person to another until the end of 2020 and were also accused of preventing the publication of the virus’s genetic sequence results for several days.

During the film, the American virologist Ian Lipkin says that at that time, he contacted the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, coinciding with the beginning of the spread of rumors of the outbreak. Still, he told him that they had recognized the virus and that it was not very spreadable.

According to reports, Wuhan Central Hospital was receiving about 2,500 cases per day, at a time when the Chinese city was closed.

On the other hand, China denies covering up any information about the Coronavirus and has repeatedly confirmed that it has quickly released all data.

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