3 cases of a South African mutation discovered in Israel


For the first time, Israel announced the registration of 3 South African mutation injuries from non-returnees from abroad, according to the Seventh Hebrew Channel.

According to the channel, the injuries were revealed during a random examination, indicating that the injured did not return from abroad and did not contact anyone with the mutation who had recently returned from different countries.

In the same context, the Israeli Ministry of Health stated that 35% of the current patients with the Coronavirus are children under the age of 17 years, while their percentage in the previous Corona wave was 25%, and in the first wave, their percentage was tiny.

The ministry attributed the increase in injuries in the current wave of the British Corona mutation.

The Secretary of the Association of Pediatricians in Israel, Professor Tzachi Grossman, told “Walla” that “the number of children in serious condition has increased because the British boom is transmitting infections at a more rapid rate and reaching more people.”

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