The death of an Egyptian player after swallowing his tongue


The young Mohamed Hani Al-Kuri, the Egyptian Railways team player, died during his team’s match against the sons of Qena at the Al-Nahhas Stadium in Alexandria after swallowing his tongue after he fainted and the absence of an ambulance.

And the club Al-Sikkah, to which the player belonged, announced the suspension of sporting activity and the state of mourning for three days, for the spirit of the late youth born (2004).

The Alexandria Football Region Competitions Committee decided to postpone El Sekka El Hadid Club matches in all Junior Sector competitions on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, to mourn the player at the request of his club’s board of directors.

Dr. Mohamed Sultan, Head of the Medical Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, commented on the death of the young player: “There are clear instructions not to start any match without an ambulance, in all leagues, and at all ages.”

He added: “It is assumed that the referee will cancel the match, in the absence of an ambulance, and this is stipulated in the regulations for competitions.”


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