Pandemic numbers drop 21% in the United States


New infections with the Coronavirus in the United States decreased 21 percent in the past week, while all but one state recorded a decrease in infections.

This comes at a time when US President Joe Biden announced that he expects that by next summer, the United States will have gone a long way towards achieving “herd immunity,” that is, herd immunity against the emerging coronavirus, indicating that the vaccination operations will take place at an accelerated pace during the spring.

Biden, who took office last Wednesday, has repeatedly said that his first goal is to vaccinate 100 million people during the first 100 days of his term.

Biden said during a press conference at the White House because the United States “will go towards achieving a goal that goes far beyond the goal that we have set for the next hundred days so that we can reach the stage of achieving herd immunity.”

“I feel delighted with what we are heading towards, and I think we can accomplish that,” he added.

Decreased numbers of casualties

The country recorded 1.2 million new infections in the week ending January 24, down from 1.5 million the previous week.

And New Hampshire is the only state with an increase in cases. And new cases in California decreased 32 percent.

And deaths from the virus decreased 6.6 percent in the past week, to about 21,600 nationwide. The death toll rose in 17 states out of 50 that week.

In total, about 419,000 people have died from the new Coronavirus, one in every 780 in the United States.

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