LA CASA DE PAPEL Season 5: This Proof That Berlin isn’t Dead!



While the servers are still awaiting the release of La Casa de Papel season 5, the theories regarding each character’s future continue to multiply. Rumors have now turned to Berlin, the professor’s brother supposedly dead in season 2.

Internet users have all witnessed the scene in which Berlin is killed. The writers later confided that they would never have killed this character if they knew the series would continue.

Netflix decided otherwise by ordering a sequel to the story. So they had to revise their scripts and find a way to include Berlin. The production, therefore, thought of the flashbacks, which were still the best option for them.

However, this photo shared by Pedro Alonso on Instagram would suggest that he will soon be back in the flesh in La Casa de Papel season 5.



Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Pedro Alonso (@pedroalonsoochoro)

Will La Casa de Papel continue to be in Berlin?


Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if this rumor proves to be accurate, it will undoubtedly be the surprise of the century. It’s unclear exactly how they plan to prepare for this comeback if that is the case. Note that writers must also remain rational in the story they will be proposing under criticism.

One thing is for sure, Pedro Alonso, alias Berlin, will be back in the game and will undoubtedly play a significant role in the La Casa de Papel Season 5 result. We remind you that he is the person in the game—the origin of the Bank of Spain’s headquarters.

In the end, the professor’s plan would not be flawed because it was his agitator himself who would take over the reins from now on. Of course, this information must be taken with caution.

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