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Handball World Cup: Cases of “poisoning” among Denmark’s players before facing Egypt

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Henrik Kranborg, coach of the Danish handball team, told TV2 Sport that Mikel Hansen’s absence in the Denmark-Croatia match in the World Handball Cup is due to the player’s stomach ache.

And it was reported on social media that there were cases of poisoning among the Denmark national team players after the Slovenian Handball Federation issued a statement indicating that its players suffered from poisoning before confronting the Egyptian national team.

Egypt tied with Slovenia to reserve its place in the World Handball Cup quarter-finals, where it will face Denmark on Wednesday.

The Denmark national team coach said that Hansen, who is the best player in the world, was unable to play the match. At the same time, his colleagues who suffered from minor stomach pain participated but were able to play against Croatia, where they won to confirm their eligibility for first place in the group.

The Danish Handball Association did not issue any talk of poisoning cases among the players, as it was satisfied with a statement in which it indicated on its official website that the results of the Corona tests were negative for all players, apart from stomach pain for some players who later participated in the match.

Reply to Slovenia

For his part, Morten Henriksen, Sports Director of the Danish Handball Federation, responded to the Slovenian Handball Federation’s statement, especially after the latter warned the Danes about hotel food.
Henriksen said he had pictures of Slovenia eating a “pizza” they ordered from outside the hotel.

He continued: “We have players who have stomach problems, but it is something that has happened in several teams, and their condition is gradually improving.”

He concluded: “We will eat the food that will be served to us in the hotel before the Egypt national team match.”

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