Biden on impeachment of Trump: ‘it must happen’


US President Joe Biden provided extensive comments on former President Donald Trump’s impeachment process, stressing that it “must happen.”

Biden’s comment came during a short, face-to-face interview with CNN from inside the corridors of the West Wing, where he acknowledged its potential impact on his legislative agenda and government candidates but made it clear that there would be a “worse effect if it did not happen.”

Biden told CNN that he believed the outcome would be different if he had six months in office, but indicated that he did not believe that 17 Republican lawmakers would vote to convict Trump.

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Biden’s comments came on the same night that impeachment directors formally launched the trial after they walked through the Capitol and began reading the indictment against Trump in the Senate.

On Monday, Biden’s comments add to a statement he published earlier this month, in which he described the House vote to impeach Trump as “a partisan vote by members who have followed the constitution and their conscience.”

With Trump’s impeachment approaching, there are two pressing questions: whether the Democrats will require witnesses and how long will the trial take ?, According to several sources, the questions are still unknown.

In a related context, sources told CNN that former President Trump is still working on forming a full legal team for the Senate’s trial. However, he began drafting a defense strategy with Butch Bowers, a South Carolina attorney who agreed to represent him at the trial. Historical.

Two sources familiar with the matter added that former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon approached the legal team.

But in a brief statement to “CNN” on Monday evening, he said: “I will not represent former President Trump. Thank you.”

A spokesman for the former president declined to comment on any additional information about his legal team.

People familiar with the matter said that with only two weeks left of the trial’s core, Trump was still struggling to find other lawyers to join his team.

Sources said that some law firms had raised questions about whether they will be paid, and others have expressed reluctance to associate themselves with the deadly revolt in the Capitol building on January 6.

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