A young man performs cosmetic surgery to turn into an alien


An obsession with plastic surgery and changing features reached a young man’s procedure, many plastic surgeries, not to obtain more handsome features, but to transform his face into an alien object.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the young Anthony Lovredo followers on the Instagram website, numbering 227,000, though he was making some cosmetic or temporary drawings to surprise them with the shocking truth.

And the 32-year-old had admitted that he had already undergone plastic surgery to obtain these strange features that resemble space balls, so that he had already covered his body with tattoos, including his eyeballs that were dyed black instead of white.

He continued about this traumatic transformation that he had undergone surgery to remove his nose and upper lip in his latest traumatic transformation. He also split his tongue in another surgery.

The Frenchman, who documents the dramatic physical changes he has made to his body, said he had his nose removed in an operation in Spain because these operations are illegal in France, where he lives.

In addition to piercings and tattoos, body modifications that lead to injury are illegal in many European countries, and the process of removing his upper lip, which took a lot of research. I’m proud of what we did together. ”

He also dreamed of obliterating his skin and replacing it with metal while making these adjustments to his arms, legs, and fingers. Still, medicine has not yet reached this surgery to replace the skin with another substance.

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