Fans are in shock after Sarah Fraiseau’s weight loss


Everything runs like clockwork for influencer Sarah Fraisou. The 29-year-old woman, long known for her overweight, has recently come into a new light due to her barely believable weight loss.

What is the origin of Sarah Fraisou thinness? Putting on a gastric band? Slimming diet? Alteration software … We investigated.

Sarah Fraisou, a rather particular reality TV candidate.

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The days when Sarah Fraisou received criticism about her physique seems to be long gone, after her dramatic weight loss. Indeed, the difference between her first appearance on television and today is quite mind-boggling.

The young woman had gained spirits in 2014, after appearing in The Princes of Love in Season Two, due to her curves. Despite her disappointment in love, especially with Charles, the young woman subsequently went on to do reality TV shows in a constant search for love. In particular, we will see it in the Princes of Love 3, the Angels 8 and 9, or the Holidays of Love 2 and 3.

2019, a year of change

However, during season 5 of The Villa of Broken Hearts in 2019, Sarah Fraisou will meet Ahmed, a man who will be her husband. Since then, the young woman has decided to change her physique and has taken charge of her life, as evidenced by her recent social network photos.

Sarah Fraisou: barely believable weight loss

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Indeed, the influencer has metamorphosed, appearing with a flat stomach, thinner legs, a reduced chest … In short, a physical transformation so astounding that many still find it hard to believe it.

Moreover, some Internet users remain convinced that Sarah Fraisou is cheating on her weight by retouching her photos to appear slimmer; the thesis that the young woman has always refuted until then.

A goal of 70 kilos

She claims to have lost weight and says she shed more than 40 kilograms. And the reality TV star seems on track to reach the 70-kilogram mark.

How did Sarah Fraisou lose weight?

To achieve this stunning result, Sarah Fraisou has certainly had recourse to a gastric band’s placement. A temporary means of slimming to lose weight.

Besides, she also turned to a food rebalancing through an extreme diet, maybe as I like, famous for the spectacular weight losses of those who try the slimming programs, without also forgetting the motivation and the support of which she benefited from her followers.

Exercises to lose weight

Meanwhile, the reality TV star’s fitness regimen also includes sports. Besides, she was able to be motivated by her companion, Ahmed, himself a high-level athlete.

Either way, Sarah Fraisou’s new figure and the self-confidence it exudes never cease to amaze her fans. Sarah Fraisou’s weight loss is reminiscent of Adele’s or Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson alias Amy the Whale’s.

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