Watch … a care offering that tortures a crippled elderly woman in a hideous way


Shocking footage showed a caregiver abusing a frail retired woman with dementia, as this video resulted in the caregiver being arrested and sentenced to six months in prison.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Jenny Daddy, 29, was supposed to take care of a retired 69-year-old woman who had limited mobility, but a video clip revealed how the caregiver was torturing and pulling the old lady Of her hair, grasping her fingers across her face and pulling it up violently.

The story began during the summer of 2019, when Ms. Young’s daughter, who lives in Cunningham County, Britain, felt anxious after noticing minor injuries on her mother, including bruises and blisters.

The daughter was confronted in recording footage through a camera that was already in Ms. Young’s room, to discover that the caregiver was torturing her mother in a hideous and inhuman way. The family spread the horrific footage “to promote the cause” to the public after the caregiver was imprisoned.

In another inhumane situation, the caregiver placed her dog next to the retired lady, causing the dog to scratch the immobile old lady.

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