“Strange advice” to prevent corona … “Please do not talk”


The French National Academy of Medicine has urged public transport passengers to avoid talking to each other or on the phone to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus spread.

“The mandatory use of the muzzle in public transport, where social distancing is not possible, must be accompanied by an elementary precaution, which is to avoid talking and making phone calls,” the academy said in a statement.

Academy member Patrick Pershey said on BFMTV on Saturday that there would be no problem if there were only 3 people in a subway car, but if the person were only two centimeters apart, it would make sense not to speak Talking on the phone.

“The matter is not an obligation, but rather a recommendation,” he added.

The academy indicated that fabric or home-made masks are effective against the Coronavirus spread as long as they are properly placed and that most infections occur when people take off masks.

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