Israel: The Pfizer vaccine does not protect against the new Corona strains


The Israeli Coronavirus Commissioner criticized the Pfizer vaccine and warned that it might not protect against new strains of the virus.

During talks between Israeli Health Ministry officials, before the cabinet meeting the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, regarding the nationwide lockdown issue, Dr. Nahman Ashe said that the preventive effect of the first dose of the vaccine is “less than what the Pfizer company provided,” according to Israeli radio Israeli.

The company, “Pfizer” previously stated that the experiments of the vaccine that is produced using “BioNTech” show that it is effective by approximately 52% approximately 12 days after the administration of the first shot and becomes effective by 95% several days after the second dose.

The Israeli government signed a deal with the companies “Pfizer” and “Bio-Tech” in November to obtain 8 million doses of the Corona vaccine.

Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein has ordered health care workers to prepare to administer up to 250,000 daily injections in the coming days.

At the same time, some problems were reported during mass vaccination in Israel.

Last week, the media reported, citing Health Ministry officials, that at least 13 Israelis suffer from mild facial paralysis as a side effect after getting the Pfizer vaccine.

However, the report said that the country’s Ministry of Health has advised patients that they should proceed with the second dose of the vaccine, but only if the paralysis disappears.

Earlier, about 240 Israelis were diagnosed with the Coronavirus, days after the vaccination.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases in Israel exceeded 10,000 on Tuesday morning – the highest level ever since the start of the epidemic – despite lockdown measures and vaccination efforts.

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