Hong Kong quarantines thousands of people to fight the Corona outbreak


Thousands of Hong Kong residents have been ordered to stay home in compliance with the first measure of its kind since the emergence of the new Coronavirus, as the authorities fight an outbreak in one of the city’s poorest and densest areas.

Under this procedure, any resident of buildings located within a specific geographical area is prohibited from leaving his home if he does not present a negative test result for Covid-19. Officials said they intend to have everyone inside the designated area a health test within 48 hours.
The newspaper “South China Morning Post” that this measure includes about 150 residential buildings and up to nine thousand people, with hundreds of police officers deployed to reinforce respect for the closure.

Hong Kong was one of the first places where the new Coronavirus spread after its appearance in China.

The city had kept the number of HIV infections below ten thousand, in addition to about 170 deaths, by imposing effective physical distancing measures last year, but their results were harsh economically.

During the past two months, the city has witnessed a fourth wave of the virus, and the authorities have made every effort to reduce the number of daily injections.

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