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The Russian Federation increases Macedonia’s pain with the World Hand Cup

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The match of the Russian Federation of Handball against Macedonia in the framework of the Group Four competitions ended in the main round of the 27th World Handball Championship for men with the victory of the Russian Federation, 20/32.

The Russian Federation team started the match by scoring in the second minute and then strengthened its lead in the third minute to become the score 0/3, and due to the strength of the Russian defense, the Macedonian team could not score any goal until the seventh minute, and Macedonia continued to suffer from the iron Russian defense until the difference widened to seven goals in the middle of The first half 3/10 And Danilo Prestovac, the coach of Macedonia, is trying to correct the situation by requesting a time-out, but to no avail. In the meeting, a calm without enthusiasm dominated by the Russian team completely until it was able to finish the half by ten goals.

Macedonia started the second half by scoring to become the score 10/19, and in the second minute of the game a penalty throw is calculated by the Russian Federation, which is paid by Russian Federation penalty-throwing specialist Sergey Kosorotov, who pays it in the face of the Macedonian goalkeeper, so the referee announces his red card and excludes him permanently from the match.

The awakening of the Macedonian team, which prevents the Russian Federation from scoring for a period of seven minutes, and he scores to the score 12/19 before the Russian Federation regains its balance and scores three goals, including two goals, taking advantage of the numerical shortfall of the Macedonian team, which plays with four players and yet he scores a goal as well to become the result 14/22, and despite the attempts of Macedonian goalkeeper Nikola Mitrovsky to confront a number of Russian balls and start quick attacks for his country, this did not prevent the Russian Federation from maintaining the ten-goal difference before ending the meeting with a difference of 12 goals.

The match witnessed the brilliance of Russian goalkeeper Victor Kreev and the Russian left wing Igor Soroka, who was rested by German coach Velimir Petkovic, the Russian Federation’s coach, a lot in the second half to preserve him for the next match against the Swedish national team tomorrow, Sunday.

The meeting was held at the Cairo stadium hall and was moderated by the French team consisting of sisters Julie and Charlotte Bonaventure.

With this result, the Russian team raises its score from points to 5 points, and the Macedonian team remains without points.

It is noteworthy that the fourth group ranking before today’s meetings was as follows: Sweden is in first place with 5 points, Egypt is in second place with 4 points, then Slovenia is third with 4 points, the Russian Federation is fourth with 3 points, Belarus is fifth with two points, and finally Macedonia is sixth with no points.

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