Egypt Video of al-Qaradawi son’s wife raises controversy


Marwa Ashour, Abd al-Rahman Yusef al-Qaradawi’s wife, sent a letter to Yusef al-Qaradawi, asking him to intervene quickly to “protect her children” from his son Abdul Rahman.

Marwa said in a video she posted: “… Sheikh Youssef, I and your grandchildren are suffering from the behavior of your sick son, and you know what disease I am talking about.”

She added, “I want to go to my country, Egypt, and live in the midst of my family, work and live a normal life,” noting that she will not allow her Egyptian nationality to be revoked in exchange for Turkish.

Her daughters will not be enrolled in Turkish schools because they are Arabs and have customs and traditions.

She added that her financial situation is better now than before, as she and her daughters can eat after the alimony approved by the court, and Abdel-Rahman Youssef was forced to pay because his failure to pay would result in a large fine.

Source: Al Watan

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