The most famous twin women in Britain will be 96 years old together


The “Times” wrote that one of the oldest twins in Britain had died just two days before being informed of her vaccination.

Doris Hobday, 96, died in hospital two weeks after contracting the Coronavirus and her twin, Lillian Cox. Lillian was in good enough condition to be discharged from the hospital, and she was said to be “struggling hard” after recovering from the virus.

Hobday died on January 5 at Sandwell Hospital in West Bromwich, where her niece Kerry was by her side until her last hours.

A letter with the date of receiving the vaccine arrived only two days after her death. Her family members said they were unfortunate that Hobday was “a few weeks away from safety.” The family had to wait for Cox to be “strong enough” to inform her of her sister Doris’s death.

These twins are considered the oldest in the United Kingdom and have appeared on several television programs during 2020. They were guests on “Good Morning Britain” and “This Morning” and talked about how they became famous on their hosting websites. Social media, after joining Facebook in 2019 and garnering 20,000 viewers.

In early January, the twins’ family said they were “shocked” when the two women were tested positive for Corona, even though they spent most of their time indoors in 2020 and were alert to themselves. ” Today in a Facebook post, the family said they were in “a state of ruin” for announcing Mrs. Hobday’s death.

The family added: “We are sure that they are 96 years old, and we were fortunate to have them in our lives for a long time, but they were in good health before they were infected with the virus and wanted to live a hundred years.”

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