Video .. Biden cries in a farewell speech in Delaware


US President-elect Joe Biden cried while speaking at a military post named after his late son, during a ceremony honoring him in Delaware on the eve of his inauguration.

He expressed his regret for his son Bo Biden, a former Delaware attorney general who died of brain cancer in 2015. He said, “What I’m sorry about is just one thing, which is that he is not here to present him as president. But we have great opportunities, and Delaware has taught us that anything is possible.”.

He also talked about how his mother and father sought refuge in Delaware when they went through difficult financial times, adding: “The state that provided my mother and father with a livelihood when they needed it most and gave me a chance and believed in me and sent me to the US Senate after going to the county assembly.”

Biden recounted the hardships that he was able to overcome during his four decades of political experience on his way to the presidency, which was during the death of his first wife, Nella Biden, in 1972, and their daughter, Naomi, in an unfortunate traffic accident.

He recalled meeting his wife, Jill Biden, in which he served as a US Senator.

After the Newcastle speech, Biden will take a plane to Washington, DC, where he will be sworn in at noon on Wednesday.


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