The most surprising sequences ever recorded in football


From the goal accidentally scored by the match referee to the police dog who steals the match ball.

Here are the 11 most surprising sequences ever recorded in the world of football!

An incredible soccer video of a poor goalkeeper

Source: Youtube

Here is the luckiest or the most unlucky goalie in the world; it’s up to you! His name is Scott Sterling, and he is one of the top goals in North America, where he plays for the Yale Bulldogs.

You can see him in action on a penalty shootout against the North Carolina Tar Heels team in this incredible but true streak. Despite his rather puny appearance, Sterling will demonstrate to us from the start the quality of his reflexes. As well as his incredible flexibility, stopping the first shot dead with… his own face.

Stop balloons with his face.

Indeed, with the face, he stops the ball, which scores a point for his team. But it sounds visible since he lies on the floor for a while before getting up completely puffy.

Source: bleacher report

Yet this blow to the head did not make him give up the game. And Sterling will thus stop another shot with his face! Which this time literally makes him fall in love.

It will then be necessary to wait for his trainer, who rushes onto the field to put him on his feet without much success. The coach will then pull the poor goalkeeper by the arm by sliding him on the grass, under the stunned spectators’ eyes.

But it’s not over yet! Because despite his lamentable condition after so many hits to the head, Sterling will stop another penalty, and always with the face.

A surprising streak in football
It’s easy to imagine that from that third stop, you all guessed that this was just a sketch. And that all those present, including players and audience, are actors or extras.

Paulo Dybala… too strong !!

Source: Youtube

Paulo Dybala is, without a doubt, one of the best free kickers in the history of the game. And one has only to glance at the many videos compiling his magnificent goals to be convinced.

The young Argentine striker has a technique of his own indeed. And which allows him to curve the trajectory of the ball at the last moment.

His legendary left foot transmits phenomenal power to the ball! Which makes it a real homing missile. And regardless of the height or width of the defensive wall, Dybala hits the mark every time.

The densest defensive wall.

In this surprising sequence in football, you can see the young prodigy of Juventus scoring one of the most beautiful free-kicks in world football, breaking a new record in the process.

Indeed, during a gala match in Spain, Dybala scored a magnificent free-kick. He made it through the biggest and densest defensive wall in football history.

Thus, the entire opposing team went to stand directly in front of the cage to lend a hand to the keeper. And as if the 11 players weren’t enough! A few supporters even joined them, thus building an almost impenetrable dam in front of the net.

Some of the players even literally hung on the crossbar. And this, to leave no fault in this rampart.

But this great Chinese wall built in front of the goal did not prevent the ball from going straight into the net.

The wind also scores goals.


Source: Youtube

Everyone knows that the wind is not a goalkeeper’s best friend. Since he can influence the trajectory of the ball and thus deceive even the most vigilant of them.

But when the wind decides to score goals, the poor goalkeepers can only remain defenseless in front of this very devious striker. Therefore, the unfortunate goal you see on this footage was able to get acquainted with wind power. But let’s say that it wasn’t really how he imagined this meeting!

The big shock!

In a friendly against Dynamo Kyiv, Israeli club goalkeeper Maccabi Haifa wanted to give the ball a deep clearance! But it took him badly. Because as you can see, the wind which was blowing violently, had quickly returned the ball to him like a boomerang, directly at the back of the nets, under the completely stunned gaze of the poor porter, who saw only … wind!

A theatrical scene in the middle of a football match

Source: Youtube

Football is, unfortunately, one of the most simulated sports. And some players deserve the Oscar for Best Actor; their actions can be so convincing.

But not all players have the talent of Didier Drogba or Neymar Junior to feign faults! And the young footballer you see in this video would really need to take some acting lessons if he really wants to convince the referee of the game.

Beh, he forgot it’s filmed.

Indeed, the player who did not know that a camera was pointed at him simulated an opposing player’s attack. And he started to scream and roll on the floor in pain. Even though his rival only grazed his ear. The grotesque simulator pretended to have been hit by a real club in one of the most surprising football sequences!

This sore loser will ultimately not win! And he will even be reprimanded by the referee, who has seen clearly in his game, just like the whole world.

The dog wants to prove his talents.

It is normally strictly forbidden to take your dog to the football stadium! And this incredible sequence will explain why!

This surreal scene took place during a match in the Bolivian league. And as you can see, a police dog entered the field, creating a real discord. The mischievous young animal, having escaped from his master, has indeed appeared out of nowhere. And he quickly rushed for the ball.

An incredible video in football

After literally grabbing it from the player’s feet, the dog will then take the ball in its mouth and run away with it! While zigzagging between the players who try in vain to stop him.

The mischievous animal ran up and down the grass while holding the ball firmly between its fangs. The latter had naturally already burst, under the enormous pressure of his jaw. But that doesn’t stop the improvised player, who frolics happily on the pitch.

It was only after several frantic seconds that one of the players was able to get their hands on him finally. And thus take the ball back from him, which has become unusable anyway. But it allowed the police to come and pick up their adorable dog. While the latter, in the end, only brightened the field with his merry antics.

The referee accidentally scores a goal.

Source: Youtube

If football fans are often considered the 12th man of the match, the referee is undoubtedly the 13th. We forget that the referee is an athlete who puts in as much effort as the players, if not more, pacing up and down the field and scrutinizing the game with the greatest attention.

But the sacred duty of impartiality of the referees has always been put to the test during, say … the most heated matches, as evidenced by this staggering sequence, to say the least.

Former player reflex.

This scene, which will probably be forever etched in the annals of football, took place in the Netherlands during a fourth division game between the Harkemase Boys and HSV Hoek.

Indeed, during an attack, the ball was deflected at the last minute in front of Harkemase’s cage before being again put into play by one of the attackers. However, the latter’s imprecise shot would bounce off a defender, and then the referee, who presumably by a reflex from a former player, literally kicked the ball with his left foot, sending it straight into the top corner.

Instead of admitting his fault and giving the Harkemase Boys players an advantage, this extraordinary referee maintained the goal against all odds!

Hulk crushes the ball in a surprising soccer streak.

Source: Youtube

The Brazilian footballer Hulk is very famous for his Herculean strength and his superpowered ball strikes, from which he gets his nickname. The 34-year-old had indeed shown time and again the extent of his physical strength and the overwhelming power of his long-range shots.

But what you’re going to see in this sequence is far beyond anything you could have imagined, regarding this player looking like a nightclub bouncer.

A player with a super powerful shot.

Taken during his team’s practice at Zenit St Petersburg, the video shows us when the Hulk will kick the ball towards the goal. So we can see the huge Brazilian mirrored cupboard gaining momentum! Before shooting with all the force of his left foot into the ball.

The latter will then literally explode under the shock force, scattering in dozens of shreds on the grass. And, of course, under the bewildered eyes of other players.

In another equally stunning video, the Hulk can be seen still in practice, hitting the ball so hard it sends it flying, along with the poor goalie in the net.

Unfortunately, just like the 3D animated Marvel giant, these two strikes have been revised with special effects technology and are not real. The goalkeepers can therefore rest easy; nothing will happen to them!

Mbappé scores a goal with his hand.


Source: Youtube

Kylian Mbappé is a born scorer who would never miss an opportunity to score a goal. But it sometimes happens that great players of his size do what is called … overzealous football! And when it comes to scoring a goal, some players don’t hesitate to confuse handball with football.

No one has forgotten, indeed, the blatant hands of Maradona or Thierry Henry. But unlike these, Kylian’s hand during the PSG / Reims match was rather comical in reality.

A free yellow card

Having benefited from a deep attack with Neymar, Mbappé was going to kick the ball but was hampered by a defender who knocked him down.

Source: dailymail

But that was not to know the resentment and rage to win the young footballer, who then did not hesitate to strike the ball with his left hand, sending it directly to the back of the Reims net.

Mbappé would finally collect a yellow card for free in the 90th minute. All the more so as PSG were already leading by 3 goals to 0. But this spontaneous and so fun gesture nevertheless made many spectators laugh, as well as, of course, its mischievous protagonist.

A surprising streak in football

Source: Youtube

Getting the jersey pulled is very common in football. And although this is particularly annoying and totally out of fair play, this vile practice still has a bright future ahead.

Indeed, many players do not hesitate to grab hold of their opponents to stop them or throw them off balance because many referees do not call the blame in the absence of strict regulations.

But while the worst that can ultimately happen is a ripped jersey or shorts, sometimes the jersey pulling leads to situations that border on the ridiculous.

An incredible sequence!

Not only will the player grab hold of his rival’s jersey, but he will also hang on to him and be shot a distance of more than 15 meters.

The bewildered spectators surely wondered at this point if this was a new discipline of boardsports! Or if the player has just decided to hitchhike to navigate the pitch without getting tired, in one of the most surprising sequences in football!

A guard who is a little too comfortable.

Source: Youtube

Jasper Cillessen is a Dutch goalkeeper ranked among the best in the world. He has played for clubs as prestigious as Ajax Amsterdam and FC Barcelona.

Yet, it is not for his breathtaking accomplishments as a porter that spring to mind when we mention his name. But rather the myriad of internet memes parodying his legendary sitting posture.

You can do anything with Photoshop.

The young goalkeeper struck a bizarre pose, to say the least, during a match between his country’s national team and Brazil. He could be seen leaning against his cage’s post, giving the impression of sitting on an imaginary stool.

Taken over by Internet users of all stripes, this sequence will quickly become viral. And thanks to the magic of Photoshop, we got to see Jasper Cillessen sitting on top of a whole bunch of crazy stuff. Exactly, like the throne of the Game of Thrones series, or even on the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

So what do you think of these 11 surprising sequences in football that are totally crazy? Which of them impressed you the most? Could you give us your feeling in the comments?

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