the timing of Biden’s arrival in Washington, DC


US President-elect Joe Biden will arrive in Washington, DC, today, Tuesday, in preparation for his inauguration as President of the United States of America, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20.

In a related context, Acting US Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said, on Monday, that the Department of Defense will scrutinize the National Guard personnel deployed in Washington, before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, but the Pentagon has not received any intelligence indicating a threat from within.

Earlier in the day, US media reported that the FBI was screening all 25,000 US National Guard troops who would be involved in ensuring security at the upcoming inauguration to rule out internal attacks.

According to a statement issued by Miller, in which he said: “As is usual for military support for major security events, the Ministry will examine National Guard personnel in Washington, DC, while we do not have intelligence information indicating a threat from within, we are sparing no effort.” In securing the capital. ”

The Acting US Secretary of Defense stressed that the National Guard members had been instructed to inform their leadership of any suspicious activities they observed.

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