Surprise … prison awaits Trump due to the congressional storming


The District Attorney of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC, Carl Ratsen, revealed the possibility of charging the outgoing US President Donald Trump with committing a misdemeanor in connection with the storming of the US Congress.

In statements to CNN, Ratsen said: The attorney general has a possible charge that he may use against Trump.

He added that “there is a law in Washington enacted since 2011, criminalizing the statements of individuals that clearly encourage the commission of violence,” noting that the penalty for that misdemeanor is “6 months maximum.”

And he continued: “The federal charge carries a much longer prison term,” adding that “(Trump’s) behavior before the rioters stormed the Capitol is closely related, I think his behavior during that period and immediately after that is also important.

This comes with the final preparations taking place in Washington, DC, to hold the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

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