Benzema non-selection: Deschamps ensures he will never forget the player’s accusations

The affair between Karim Benzema and Didier Deschamps is far from closed. The France team coach returned to the player’s accusations of racism, which had been controversial in 2016.

And what is certain is that for Didier Deschamps, the wound is still gaping. Indeed, he assured that he would never forget the Lyonnais words because of the personal dimension that this case could take.

Didier Deschamps talks about Karim Benzema’s words

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Time did not get the better of the tumultuous affair between Didier Deschamps and Karim Benzema. More than 4 years later, the coach is still hurt by Benzema’s comments regarding his exclusion from those called up for Euro 2016.

While everyone was betting on the case of the sex tape of Valbuena, Benzema had accused the coach of having “yielded under the pressure of a racist part of France  ” by no longer calling him in Blue. Words that Deschamps still cannot digest.

Words that stay in time

“It’s a trace,” Deschamps said this Saturday on RTL. “Even if overtime it calms down a bit, I can’t forget. It is not related only to Karim Benzema. There are also statements from other people who have led to this violent fact and affect my family, ”continued the coach.

Non-selection of Karim Benzema: players support the thesis of racism

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Indeed, Samir Nasri had more or less supported Benzema’s statements about Deschamps. Also, Eric Cantona had connected the non-selection of Benzema and Hatem Ben Arfa and their North African origins. “One thing is certain, Benzema and Hatem Ben Arfa, they are the two best players in France, and they will not play at the Euro, declared the ex-idol of Manchester United.

According to him, “What is also certain is that their origins are North African. So yes, the debate is open. “

A defamation complaint against his detractor

Outraged by these statements, Deschamps had complained about defamation, which was subsequently declared void. And since then, the France team coach has not been able to turn the page of this dark story, given his personal turn.

Didier Deschamps-Karim Benzema: a never-ending story

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“When it concerns me on my choice of coach, the tactics, the technical aspect, it has to be, and it does not matter. There, it crosses the white line. It affects my name, my family. For me, this is unacceptable, ”says the coach.

And to add: “To say certain things, that inevitably leads to a verbal or physical aggressiveness. I suffer the consequences. We cannot forget. I can not forget. I’ll never forget. “

Towards the return of Benzema to the French team?

Thus, these statements cool the hopes of a possible return of Benzema in the team of France, at least during the reign of Deschamps. At the same time, Michel Moulin and Zinedine Zidane recently discussed the Real Madrid striker’s situation. And both argue in favor of the player’s presence in the squad because of his performance.

For Zidane, “That Benzema could return to the France team would be good news.” However, for the time being, Didier Deschamps is the sole decision-maker. And the return of the number 9 of the Madrid club remains more or less “unthinkable.”

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