United States: Lisa Montgomery is the first woman executed in 70 years


Sentenced to death in 2007, Lisa Montgomery, 52, was executed overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday at the federal penitentiary in Terre-Haute, Indiana, with a lethal injection.

For several weeks, activists and those close to the latter had been pushing to have the death penalty canceled and to obtain a life sentence instead. But without success.

Lisa Montgomery: first woman executed in 70 years

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But then, why was Lisa Montgomery sentenced to death? In fact, it all started in 2004. At the time, the woman went to Missouri to meet Bobby Jo Stinnett, an 8-month pregnant dog breeder, under the pretext of buying her a pet.

However, once there, Lisa attacked the 23-year-old. And murder her before taking the baby out of her womb. Following this, she tried to pretend the child was hers.

Lisa Montgomery sentenced to death in 2008

However, the police quickly suspect Lisa Montgomery for the murder of Bobby Jo Stinnett because of the emails they exchanged, especially since a DNA test will then prove that Lisa’s baby was that of her victim.

Faced with the evidence, the woman wanted to plead guilty and spend the rest of her life in prison. But his defense had preferred to plead not guilty by playing the card of his sanity. What did not convince the court? He, therefore, condemned Lisa Montgomery to death in 2008.

A terrible life

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However, on January 12, a few hours before her execution, a judge ordered a stay of the fiftieth birthday. And for several weeks, activists and relatives of Lisa Montgomery have been trying to obtain life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. Without success!

The argument then was Lisa’s sanity. The reason is that she was the victim of repeated rape and violence during her youth. Indeed, her stepfather and his friends had raped Lisa Montgomery from the age of 13. Also, her mother allegedly forced the teenager into prostitution to pay bills.

Lisa Montgomery suffered from dissociative disorders.

Therefore, Lisa Montgomery suffered, before her execution, from bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, and brain trauma. And even dissociative disorders. In any case, this is what his lawyer Kelley Henry says.

Convinced, the judge behind the stay said: “The information presented to the court contains ample evidence that Ms. Montgomery’s current mental state is so far removed from reality that she cannot rationally understand the motive of the government for its execution.” Despite this, Lisa Montgomery’s conviction ultimately did take place.

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