Trump’s last demands before leaving the White House


Donald Trump is the exhausted president of the United States of America in the process of handing over power, so what the country witnessed in a month as a result of his intransigence and his unwillingness to leave power will suffice it for a lifetime.

After long trouble, “Donald Trump” finally and indecisively accepted the handover of power to President-elect Joe Biden. Still, according to the sermons, he demanded one last wish before leaving the White House.

Allegations indicate that “Trump” wants to leave Washington, DC, on the morning of the last day of his presidency on a red carpet with a military band singing to him.

According to the New York Times, the outgoing president of the United States, before his departure to Florida, is hoping to have some well-known “splendor” during his four years in office.

Trump is due to fly to his country club in West Palm Beach, Florida, hours before Joe Biden’s inauguration so he can enjoy one last flight on Air Force One.

A “welcome” gathering has been planned for him upon his arrival in Florida after the bloody riots on the Capitol in recent weeks, and Trump is now accused of instigating them.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence called his successor, Kamala Harris, to wish her good luck and provide any assistance. Pence’s kindness contrasts markedly with Trump’s style, as the president refused to contact Joe Biden to congratulate him on his victory.

Pence and his wife Karen may meet Harris and husband Doug Imhoff in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday evening, though security concerns mean their plans remain unstable.

And unlike Trump, Pence will attend Biden and Harris’s inauguration as the 46th president and vice president of the United States.

Trump will be the first president not to participate in his successor’s inauguration since the 1860s, after repeatedly refusing to accept Biden’s victory.

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