horror is sweeping Lebanon and heading to extend the closure in the country


Medical sources reported to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al Siyasa, that the coming weeks would be heavy for the Lebanese, with the number of people infected with Coronavirus expected to rise to frightening record levels.

This comes in the midst of the increase in infections, in light of an official tendency to extend the comprehensive closure for a week and the retreat of hot files in Lebanon in front of the Corona epidemic’s unprecedented outbreak.

The sources called on the Lebanese to “strictly adhere to preventive measures and not leave the homes, waiting for the arrival of the Corona vaccine, which will give hope that the countdown to the end of the epidemic can begin.”

Yesterday, Saturday, the health authorities in Lebanon recorded 5,872 new Coronavirus cases during the last 24 hours.

And the Lebanese Ministry of Health announced 41 new deaths from the Coronavirus, bringing the total deaths in the country to 1,866 cases.

While the number of Coronavirus infections in Lebanon reached 249,158, according to the ministry.

Earlier, Ali Al-Miqdad, a member of the Parliamentary Health Committee in Lebanon, revealed that a mutated type of the emerging coronavirus has been detected, which is more rapidly spreading. He continued, saying, “We do not yet know if we are facing a new type of virus, or that the Coronavirus has developed itself.”

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