Violent protests sweeping Tunisian cities due to the situation


Witnesses and local media said that violent night clashes broke out between police and youths in at least six Tunisian cities.

Among the cities are the capital Tunis and the coastal city of Sousse, amid dissatisfaction with the difficult economic and social situation.

The violent confrontations come when Tunisia commemorates the Tunisian revolution’s tenth anniversary that toppled the late President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

The protests are a test for the government of Hisham El-Mechichi, who decided on Saturday to reshuffle several ministries, including the Interior, Justice, and Energy.

Eyewitnesses said that security forces fired tear gas canisters to disperse hundreds of protesters who blocked roads and burned tires.

Security sources said that young men broke into shops and stole their contents. Confrontations took place in the city of the major castle, also adjacent to Sousse.

Violent protests also erupted in several capital areas, including Hay al-Tadamon, Al-Malaseen, Foshan, and Sijumi.

There were protests and riots in El Kef, Bizerte, and Siliana, north of the country.

Ten years after the revolution against widespread unemployment, poverty, corruption, and injustice, Tunisia has crossed a smooth path towards democracy.

But the economic situation has worsened amid deteriorating public services as the country nears bankruptcy.

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