The opinion of Real Madrid fans about Zidane


A poll conducted by the popular Spanish sports newspaper Marca revealed that most Real Madrid fans believe that Zinedine Zidane‘s second term is about to end.

The newspaper asked several questions to its readers on its website, including whether they believed that Zidane’s performance was deteriorating, and 72 percent answered yes. Phenomena are indicating that his role is ending. ”

On the other hand, 28 percent of readers chose to say, “No. He is the perfect coach for Real Madrid.”

The most popular newspaper among the sports media in Spain held its referendum, in the wake of Real Madrid’s exit from the local Super Cup, after losing 1-2 at the hands of Athletic Bilbao, Thursday.

In response to a question: Who was the worst in the match?


The French coach won more than half of the vote, at 53%, compared to 23% for Eden Hazard and 18% for Lucas Vasquez, who took the penalty kick.

In one poll question, 25% of respondents saw players being behind the exit from the tournament. 28% blamed Zidane’s changes, while 30% considered the match’s performance to be the reason for disqualification.

It is noteworthy that Zidane is the most successful coach with Real Madrid in recent years.

He led the team to win the Champions League 3 consecutive times and won the Spanish League twice.

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