Pence backs down on his coup, defending Trump and his administration


Mike Pence, the outgoing US Vice President Donald Trump, held a press conference. He defended the Trump administration after the past days witnessed a coup against his president due to Trump’s incitement to his supporters that resulted in the Capitol building’s storming in Washington. However, he refused to submit a request to be removed from Office.

According to Al Sharq, Pence said that the Trump administration, of which he was a part, has built the largest military force globally since the beginning of its mandate 4 years ago.

He added, “The US military under the Trump administration is more prepared and stronger than before.”

He continued: “The Trump administration is the first in decades that the country has not entered into a new war.”

Pence talked about the Trump administration’s services to the Zionist entity and said that the Trump administration had enhanced Israel’s interests in an unprecedented way.

On the Iranian file, Pence stressed that the Trump administration isolated Iran unprecedentedly in the Middle East and eliminated its terrorists in the region.

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