Coronavirus-contaminated ice in China


In China, three ice samples have tested positive for Covid-19. Health authorities are now trying to locate people who may have come into contact with the ice cream produced by Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company in northern Tianjin Municipality.

According to China Daily, a total of 4,836 boxes could be contaminated, of which 2,089 were sealed and secured. Each box contained six ice cream products. Authorities are investigating 65 boxes sold in the local market after positive test results obtained on January 14.


The products were made using powdered milk from Ukraine and whey powder from New Zealand. The virus could have survived on ice due to the cold storage temperatures and the fact that it contains fat.

However, Dr. Stephen Griffin, a virologist from the University of Leeds, said it was most likely a unique case and should not be alarmed. “It’s likely to come from one person,” Griffin said. “Without knowing the details, I think this is probably a unique case. “

“Of course, any level of contamination is unacceptable and always a cause for concern, but this is likely the result of a problem with the production plant and potentially a hygiene issue in the plant. We probably don’t need to panic, thinking that every piece of ice is suddenly going to be contaminated with the coronavirus. “


The company’s 1,662 employees are now in quarantine, and those who bought the ice cream have been told to monitor their health and movement and notify authorities. 700 of the employees have so far tested negative for Covid-19. The other results have not yet been published.

China currently has 1,113 active coronavirus cases, and 4,635 people have tragically died after testing positive for the deadly disease.

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