YouTube suspends Donald Trump’s channel in turn


On Tuesday, January 12, YouTube suspended Donald Trump’s channel for “at least seven days” and deleted one of his videos for violating its anti-incitement to violence policy.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat made similar decisions after the violence on Capitol Hill. For its part, Twitter made a much more drastic decision by deciding to suspend Donald Trump’s account permanently.

YouTube suspends Donald Trump’s channel.

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After Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Twitch, it is YouTube’s turn to take initiatives against Donald Trump. Indeed, the platform, owned by Google, on Tuesday, January 12, the outgoing president’s channel for “at least seven days”.

In addition, YouTube also deleted a video from Donald Trump’s channel, which had 2.77 million subscribers. The reason ? Well, its content violated its policy of combating incitement to violence.

Risk of violence.

“In light of concerns about the current risk of violence, we have removed new content posted to Donald J. Trump’s channel for violating our policies,” YouTube wrote in a statement.

US President Donald Trump’s YouTube channel is now “suspended from further uploading of content for at least seven days,” the video site added.

YouTube suspends Trump’s channel: comments disabled indefinitely.

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Especially since the Donald Trump channel’s homepage on YouTube featured a month-old video of the head of state. In fact, she cast doubt on the November presidential election process and had some 5.8 million views.

Thus, the video-sharing platform has decided to deactivate “comments indefinitely” on the channel of the President of the United States. And this for security reasons.

The suspension follows a request from a coalition of NGOs which had asked YouTube to remove Donald Trump’s channel and threatened the platform with an advertising boycott if it did not comply.

Trump kicked out of social media

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This is probably a big blow for Donald Trump who is banned from all social networks. Facebook just suspended the president’s Facebook and Instagram accounts last week. A decision taken following the violent invasion of the US Capitol by a crowd of his supporters.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the US president had used the platform to incite violence. And that he could continue to do so.

Trump banned from Twitter
Thus, Twitter also banned Donald Trump’s account. Which is radical to say the least! Nevertheless, the social network was already accompanying its tweets with warnings denying the election results.

Other social networks, like Snapchat and Twitch, have also suspended Donald Trump’s account. And that’s not all ! Apple and Google, for their part, removed the conservative social network Parler from their app download platforms. This is a popular app for Trump supporters,

As a result, Donald Trump is now banned from all social networks. On the other hand, he managed to hijack this decision. He recently posted a video on Twitter via the White House account.

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