Snapchat bans Trump permanently


The American website, Axios, said today, Thursday, that the social networking platform, Snapchat, has announced that it will permanently ban the account of US President Donald Trump on January 20 after it was closed last week.

The site “Facebook” suspended Trump accounts on his platform, and the “Instagram” platform after a crowd of his supporters stormed the Capitol building, Which temporarily disrupted the validation hearing on Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Twitter also announced the closure of Trump’s account and depriving him of his favorite platform. Before that, the platform intended to place warning signs on his tweets, skeptical of the election results.

The company also removed more than 70,000 accounts linked to the Q-Anon movement, supporting the conspiracy theory that considers Donald Trump a hero.

On Wednesday evening, the US House of Representatives voted in favor of passing legislation providing for Trump to be held accountable on charges of inciting rebellion in Congress’s events.

232 lawmakers in the House of Representatives, including 10 Republicans and 222 Democrats, supported Trump’s impeachment legislation, compared to 197 lawmakers who rejected it.

On the evening of January 6, a group of Republican Trump supporters stormed the Congress headquarters during a session to approve the results of the presidential election, which was won by the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, after a rally in which the current US president refused to recognize his opponent’s victory.

Police units and special forces were later able to clear the congressional building of the intruders for lawmakers to announce their approval of the vote results.

This unprecedented unrest led to the killing of 5 people, including a police officer and a woman who was shot dead by a security service member and 3 people who died due to “accidents that required urgent aid.”

More than 70 others were arrested, while Trump pledged after these events to implement an organized power process transfer.

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