American scientists discover two new strains of Coronavirus


Scientists from the Ohio University of America revealed two new strains of the emerging coronavirus, originating from the United States.

In a statement, the scientists confirmed that they had discovered a new strain of “Covid-19” which has genetic mutations similar to those discovered in Britain but more contagious.

The researchers indicated that they also discovered another American strain with three genetic mutations that were not known before. That appeared clear in recent weeks and was a reason to facilitate the transmission of the virus from one person to another.

Dr. “Peter Moehler,” the supervisor of the university’s scientific study, stated that there is no evidence that vaccines against the Coronavirus will be less effective against these mutations in the new strain.

It is noteworthy that the United States recorded a new record in the number of deaths due to infection with the emerging coronavirus the day before yesterday, Tuesday, as more than 4,300 people died.

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