Pelosi appoints the prosecution team for Trump’s trial


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced the prosecution team’s appointment in the trial of outgoing President Donald Trump, led by Democratic Representative Jimmy Ruskin.

Pelosi has appointed 9 directors for the Trump impeachment session, including Representatives “Diana Digit, Joaquin Castro, David Cecilia, Eric Swallowell, Ted Liu, Stacy Blasket, Joe Negus, Madeline Dean.”

In a statement, Pelosi said that this team would fulfill its constitutional duty to present Trump’s trial in preparation for his impeachment.

She added that they would do so, guided by their great love for the homeland and their determination to protect democracy.

The US House of Representatives initially voted on a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to activate Amendment 25 to the constitution related to Trump’s impeachment.

In a letter addressed to Pelosi, Mike Pence refused to activate the article, saying it was not in the country’s interest or the constitution.

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