Egypt .. Date of the trial of artist Ramez Galal


The Cairo Economic Appellate Misdemeanor Court in Egypt has set a date for the trial of Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal and owner of the “MBC” channel Walid Al-Ibrahim.

The court will hear the case on March 9, when the office of two lawyers, Salah Bakhit and Hani Sameh, appealed the criminal case against Ramez and Walid for the crime of assaulting the intellectual property of the Ramiz Ramadan program.

As a result, the Agouza Misdemeanor Court referred the case to the Economic Misdemeanor Court, which issued its judgment acquitting Ramez and Walid; in the case papers, the two defendants violated the moral and financial rights of the writer of the idea of ​​the program, Hayam Kamal, who is a partner in authoring the Ramiz Ramadan program as the author of the written idea of ​​the program.

In the case papers, it was stated that Hiyam Selim wrote the written idea for the program (Ramez Underground) and (Ramez Under Zero). The work’s written idea was stolen and worked out verbatim after they obtained it in detail and completely from the student over the course of many lengthy working sessions.

Source: Country Echo


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