TRUMP: I am not worried about the 25th Amendment to the Constitution


US President Donald Trump stressed that he is not concerned about the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which allows him to be removed from his mouth, in the context of the democratic movement in Congress following the Capitol’s storming by his supporters.

In a speech in front of the border wall with Mexico, which is considered a symbol of Trump’s strict immigration policy, he said, “The Twenty-Fifth Amendment does not represent any risk to me.”

And he considered that “using the Twenty-fifth Amendment in this new way will go back to haunt Joe Biden and his administration,” heading to Biden, saying, “Be careful of what you wish.”

He added, “The accountability trick is a continuation of the most sinister pursuit in the history of our country and causes tremendous anger, division, and pain, much greater than most people understand, and it is hazardous for the United States, especially at this time.”

Trump considered that “the right of Americans to express is under threat,” declaring that “the time has come for our nation to heal the wounds, and the time has come for peace, calm and respect for the implementation of the law.”

“Trump’s visit to this wall indicates that he made a promise and kept it as part of his administration’s efforts to fix the crippled immigration system,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said.

Source: “Reuters”

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