New Biden pledge to the American people


Today, Tuesday, US President-elect Joe Biden confirmed his work to ensure that the new Coronavirus vaccine is safely and free of charge for every American.

“Getting America vaccinated will be one of the biggest operational challenges we have ever faced, but my administration will spare no effort to accomplish this,” Biden wrote in a tweet on Twitter.

He added, “We will work to ensure that the vaccine is distributed in a fast, fair and free manner to every American.”

The United States is exposed to relentless attacks, losing more Americans to Corona every day, compared to the historic attack on Pearl Harbor or the events of September 11, 2001.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose vaccination program is proceeding at a faster rate than in any other country, according to what the report of the American The Hill newspaper described, expressing that disaster that his entity suffers less than that of the United States, by saying: “Every hour We delay it, the faster the virus spreads. ”

According to The Hill, “If the Americans let their imagination that Corona has uniforms and knowledge, they will not hesitate to invite the new president to respond by asking Congress to grant him the powers stipulated in the War Powers Act as soon as he takes office on January 20.”

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