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From Salma El-Shimi to Sandy .. 10 stars shone in the fruit

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From Salma El-Shimy to Sandy … 10 stars who starred in fruits, some of whom sparked controversy

Some people may imagine that a person’s love for drawing attention is one of the acquired qualities. Still, it is, in fact, one of the biological habits with which we are born from a young age. It may sometimes reach the point of categorization within the psychological contract diseases, let alone if this fondness is associated with the appearance of those who have tasted fame and thirst for public attention with it.

This is exactly what many stars do if they feel that they are absent from the artistic scene and disappear from the public’s eyes, so they try hard to devise any way to bring them back to the Internet search indicators. You will find many controversial pictures of strange statements that occupy public opinion.

During the recent period, female artists have become more creative in choosing their views on the audience, but not through the screen and their artworks, but by carrying out filming sessions, some of them outside the text, and publishing them to the public on “Instagram.” Each actress has become skilled in appearing in a different way that attracts the admiration of the followers.

Despite these strenuous attempts to excel, you find them with the same views. You find yourself in front of a repeated scene of a photo session in the pool or on the sea, on a horse, or during exercise, using a bike, or next to a car, or inside a park, and finally, holding With its kind of sweet fruit.

Lebanese; Kamar tahech

Perhaps the controversy is not most often due to the type of fruit, but rather because the image is related to the nature of the artist’s work and her eagerness to provoke the audience from time to time, as is the case with the Lebanese artist, Qamar, who published a picture of her with the “tomato” fruit, to follow negative comments that supposedly allude to something else.

Raniya Yousif

The 47-year-old artist, Rania Youssef, does not stop stirring up controversy on social media, not only with her bold looks and open dresses but also with her strange statements, but this time she chose to go out to her audience in a photo session holding the pomegranate seed, which aroused the admiration of many of the audience about the symbolism He picked the pomegranate specifically. Each went to interpret it according to their perspectives.

Salma Al-Shimi

The situation did not differ much for model Salma Al-Shimi from what the Qamar and Rania filming sessions faced, as Salma’s appearance with bananas was met with a torrent of flattery and flirtatious comments, and some criticisms have linked the model’s reliance on making a fuss since her appearance with the Pharaonic dress.

Nahid El Sebaei

Perhaps Nahid El Sebaei’s view of pineapple was a kind of difference, as the young artist explained how much she loves fruits, especially summer ones, such as oranges and pineapples.


Heidi Karam

Following in the footsteps of Al-Sebaei, Hedi Karam’s look came to reveal the extent of her attachment to the two fruits of pineapple and coconut, when she published two photo sessions at intervals, holding the two fr

May Helmy

Journalist Mai Helmy shared both “Nahid and Heidi” in their love of pineapple fruit, as “Mai,” through her account on “Instagram,” posted a picture of her from inside the pool holding pineapples, for the audience to interact with the admiration and positive comments.

Sumaya al-Khashab

Looking inside the pool among the orange fruits and following the picture with the comment “By discovering nature, discovering yourself,” Somaya Al-Khashab sparked a great controversy on social media. Still, she came back and explained: “I picked oranges from my house because I grow trees and aromatic plants in the garden.”


With a kind of humor, Sandy posted a photo session of her with the orange fruit, accompanied by a comment, “Oh, your sweetness, my friend, the uncle of the orange,” which impressed many of her followers and exchanged compliments to her, such as: “And the beauty of your heart blinded the eye to your goodness,” and another said: “All that I see you happy, all your pictures are sweet.”

Rihanna and Angelina Jolie

Fruits photography was not limited to the stars of art and television in Egypt only but also extended to the world’s most prominent stars. She published pictures of artists Rihanna eating strawberries and the artist Angelina Jolie while eating apples.


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