Disclosure of terms in Messi’s recent renewal contract


The Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” revealed the details of the recent renewal of the Argentine star Lionel Messi contract, captain of the Barcelona team, signed in 2017.

The newspaper reported that Messi’s annual salary after the recent renewal, and the annual increase, reached 100 million euros and two additional bonuses of 78 million euros.

The first bonus was to renew his contract worth 39 million euros, and the player was angry because the payment of this bonus was postponed several times, but it was finally paid last June.

The newspaper indicated that Messi’s acceptance of the payment postponement due to the financial crisis in which the club occurred in light of the Corona pandemic would prevent the Argentine from obtaining the second reward of 39 million euros, which was to be paid at the end of the current season 2020-2021.

In the same context, close to the 32-year-old player did not comment on these figures’ validity. Still, they refused and stressed that it is never possible to talk about contracts or money, according to the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo.

And those close to Messi reported that the player is not angry at any postponement of his dues, but his anger comes from other matters that he had talked about in his recent press interviews.

Messi exploded a heavy surprise last summer when he asked the club’s management to allow him to leave for free by activating a clause in his contract that allows him to do so. Still, the administration refused his request due to the expiration of that clause and insisted on paying the penalty clause in his contract if he decided to leave, Which made the Argentine forced to stay.

After a humiliating defeat by Bayern Munich, this came after Barcelona’s exit from the quarter-finals of the last edition of the Champions League (2-8).

Source: “Agencies”


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