Britain records a sharp jump in deaths from the Corona virus


Britain recorded, today, Tuesday, a sharp jump in deaths due to the Coronavirus, with 1,243 cases, as this indicator increased more than twice compared to the data on Monday.

In a new statistic, the Ministry stated that the number of registered infections with the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” in the United Kingdom during the past 24 hours increased by 45,533 to reach the level of 3164051 cases.

The index of daily infections with the Coronavirus in Britain on January 8 reached 68053 cases, representing a record outcome, to decline on January 9 to 59,937, on January 10 to 54940, and on January 11 to 46169.

The British Ministry of Health also stated that it had detected 1,243 new deaths due to the disease, bringing the number of pandemic victims in the country to 83,203.

The daily death toll from the Coronavirus in the country on January 8 reached a level of 1,325 cases in a record number, dropping on January 9 to 1035, on January 10 to 563, and on January 11, 529.

Britain is the 5th country in the world in terms of the number of registered infections with the emerging coronavirus and the 5th in terms of the death toll from the pandemic.

On December 8, the UK authorities launched a mass vaccination campaign against Coronavirus infection with a vaccine developed by the American “Pfizer” and the German “Biotech” company.

However, in recent weeks, the country has monitored an accelerated spread of the disease. On December 14, the British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, announced that scientists had discovered a new Coronavirus strain. The prime minister, Boris Johnson, said that it might be 70% more contagious.

Source: RT

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