America plans to impose new restrictions on travel to it due to Corona


Reuters reported, today, Tuesday, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America will sign an executive order requiring a corona examination for all arrivals to the United States, from almost all countries of the world, not just Britain.

The agency said, citing sources described as “informed,” that the new laws will come into effect two weeks after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mark Redfield, signed the executive order, as it expected to be signed on January 26.

According to the agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was pressuring the administration of the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, to sign this executive order, explaining that one of the problems with this decision is the limited ability of some countries to conduct a corona examination.

On December 28, the United States decided to compel all arrivals from Britain to undergo a corona examination before coming to the United States, provided that the test result is negative and does not pass more than 72 hours, after the spread of a new strain of Coronavirus in Britain.

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