Accused of collaborating with rioters in the US Congress


The American authorities arrested two officers in the US Congress, accused of being involved in the congressional riots.

More than 10 Capitol Police officers are also under investigation on suspicion of supporting or collaborating with rioters.

On Monday, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser called on Americans to avoid coming to Washington during the US President-elect’s inauguration, Joe Biden, on January 20.

Bowser called on the outgoing President, Donald Trump, to declare a pre-emergency state in the capital, given the unprecedented challenges facing the country, riots in the Capitol Building, and the high incidence of coronavirus.

Bowser directed a request to the US Department of the Interior to cancel permits for public gatherings from January 10 to January 24, noting that the goal of preventing gatherings is to protect Washington from the recurrence of riots in the Congress building last Wednesday.

This coincides with the Democratic Party’s presentation of the bill in the US House of Representatives to dismiss Trump from office, referring to the latter’s repeated false allegations that he won the elections and his speech to his supporters on January 6, before his supporters and rioters stormed the Capitol building.

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