Officially, the US House of Representatives begins procedures for removing Trump from office


Today, Monday, the Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives officially unveiled their decision to dismiss outgoing US President Donald Trump, accusing him of inciting a revolt over his role in the outbreak of riots last Wednesday Capitol Building.

The bill document, which will be submitted at 11 am US time, refers to Trump’s repeated false claims that he won the election and his speech to his supporters on January 6, before his supporters and rioters stormed the Capitol, according to CNN. American.

The document pointed out that Trump posed a threat to the security of the United States, its institutions, and the democratic system and intervened to obstruct the peaceful transfer of power and harm the American people.

One of the document’s authors, which is expected to be presented to Democratic House of Representatives, David Sasilini, said that Trump violated the oath he took under the Constitution … and was involved in committing crimes and gross transgressions by inciting violence against the United States government.

With the document’s preparation, the Democrats have taken their first step towards holding a vote to impeach Trump this week. If his impeachment is approved, he will become the second US president in history to be removed from office after President Richard Nixon.

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