Japan reveals the developments of the Brazilian Corona strain


According to what CNN reported, the Japanese Ministry of Health revealed details of the cases that were announced yesterday and infected with a new strain of Coronavirus, the mutated version in Brazil, or the fifth strain.

And the Japanese Ministry of Health said that the passengers who came from Brazil to Japan were quarantined and tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in early January; it was later found that they had different virus mutations, except that they appear similar to the Coronavirus strain that was first seen in Britain and South Africa…

The ministry added that the travelers were in the Brazilian state of Amazonas and landed at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on January 2. They tested positive in quarantine at the airport.

And the Brazilian Ministry of Health said that its Japanese counterpart had informed it on Saturday of the developments.

The Japanese health authorities expressed their concern about the new mutation of the virus with the fifth Brazilian strain because it looks like the one that was first identified in the United Kingdom and South Africa because it is more easily transmitted between people and raised infection rates, at a time when Japan is witnessing a high number of infected And many countries in the world.

And according to the specialists’ words, there is no evidence yet that the new strain of the virus is more dangerous or could affect the effectiveness of vaccines.

The Japanese Ministry of Health has not yet been able to determine whether the new strain that it introduced to it from Brazil is more transmissible and infectious or not, which says that Brazil, which suffers from a viral outbreak after the United States and India, has an outbreak of the fifth strain of Corona, which imposes measures on it. To search and investigate to find out where the outbreak of the epidemic this time.

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