Announcement of emergency Lebanese doctor: It’s out of control


Dr. Madonna Matar, President of the Lebanese Association for Bacterial Diseases, said that the declaration of a state of emergency in Lebanon; was after the increase in Corona injuries, pointing out that the numbers increased in Christmas and New Year parties, as the whole world mixed and a lot of mixing occurred.

And she added, during an intervention via Skype, on the “DMC Evening” program, with the journalist Iman Al Hosary, and broadcast on the “DMC” channel, “We have a risk, and we want help to open a field for field hospitals, and the hospitals are full on the other, and all emergencies are full of Corona in all hospitals And adding: “The story got out of our hands and we were unable to control the situation.”

The head of the Lebanese Association for bacterial diseases indicated that there is talk of providing vaccines next month.

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