A new decision from Facebook towards US election fraud pages


Facebook has announced the banning of all American pages that call for stopping the steal of fraud in the US presidential election.

The American company Facebook also announced new prevention measures against politicians who bypassed the company’s rules for its social networking site. Still, this time the measures were not in America or against the outgoing President Donald Trump, but rather in an African country, according to separate media reports.

And Facebook stated that it had closed several senior Ugandan officials’ accounts due to “rigging” the elections.

The company identified the number of closed accounts with more than 50 accounts belonging to the National Resistance Movement in Uganda.

Faced with this, the movement called for a stance on Facebook’s move, saying: “Shame on the foreign forces that think they can help and appoint a puppet leadership in Uganda by disrupting the accounts of the supporters of the revolutionary national movement…You will not be able to overthrow President Kaguta Museveni.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram imposed a ban on US President Donald Trump’s accounts after last Wednesday, January 6, or Bloody Wednesday.

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